Thursday, July 28, 2011

US Government Failure

We have seen how the issues surrounding the United States Debt and how our government cant seem to do anything right. It is as if they have no idea how to manage a country and it is embarrassing that we have come to an era that threatens the very stability of the United States. Countless spending in wars and money mismanagement have put us into debt that we will never be able to pay down. The clowns on the capitol only seem to be capable of arguing with one another and never really solve anything. The banking institutions and all the major corporations in our country used to work well with our government. They paid their fair share of taxes and the country kept on running great with a resources to spend. Now everything seems to have gone in a loop hole and the time ticks away to what almost seems certain as our creditor rating drops and the government fails this country yet again.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Doll-Hospital of Lisbon

If your favorite doll suffered serious damaged that you can’t fix yourself, jump on a plane to Lisbon and take it to the Doll Hospital. They’ll fix it right up.
Located in Figueira Square, Lisbon, the Doll Hospital has been “treating” dolls since 1830 and it’s not going to go out of business anytime soon. Equipped with an emergency and operating rooms, this bizarre establishment has experienced doll doctors and a wide range of spare parts, in case you’re doll needs something replaced.
If people ever stop having their dolls repaired, the Doll Hospital of Lisbon will donate its entire collection of abandoned dolls and spare parts to a local museum.

I think his is creepy as hell.

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