Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Republicans want to block College Students from.....Voting

With all the mess that is our government currently, republicans seem to like making the most irrational decisions ever. This time they want to stop college students from voting due to their claims to prevent voting fraud even though the US doesn't even have a record with fraud ever taking place. Ill let you read on below from an exert by the New York Times.

["Next fall, thousands of students on college campuses will attempt to register to vote and be turned away. Sorry, they will hear, you have an out-of-state driver’s license. Sorry, your college ID is not valid here. Sorry, we found out that you paid out-of-state tuition, so even though you do have a state driver’s license, you still can’t vote.
Political leaders should be encouraging young adults to participate in civic life, but many Republican state lawmakers are doing everything they can instead to prevent students from voting in the 2012 presidential election. Some have openly acknowledged doing so because students tend to be liberal.

Seven states have already passed strict laws requiring a government-issued ID (like a driver’s license or a passport) to vote, which many students don’t have, and 27 others are considering such measures. Many of those laws have been interpreted as prohibiting out-of-state driver’s licenses from being used for voting.

It’s all part of a widespread Republican effort to restrict the voting rights of demographic groups that tend to vote Democratic. Blacks, Hispanics, the poor and the young, who are more likely to support President Obama, are disproportionately represented in the 21 million people without government IDs. On Friday, the Justice Department, finally taking action against these abuses, blocked the new voter ID law in South Carolina.

Republicans usually don’t want to acknowledge that their purpose is to turn away voters, especially when race is involved, so they invented an explanation, claiming that stricter ID laws are necessary to prevent voter fraud. In fact, there is almost no voter fraud in America to prevent.

William O’Brien, the speaker of the New Hampshire State House, told a Tea Party group earlier this year that students are “foolish” and tend to “vote their feelings” because they lack life experience. “Voting as a liberal,” he said, “that’s what kids do.” And that’s why, he said, he supported measures to prohibit students from voting from their college addresses and to end same-day registration. New Hampshire Republicans even tried to pass a bill that would have kept students who previously lived elsewhere from voting in the state; fortunately, the measure failed, as did the others Mr. O’Brien favored.

Many students have taken advantage of Election Day registration laws, which is one reason Maine Republicans passed a law eliminating the practice. Voters restored it last month, but Republican lawmakers there are already trying new ways to restrict voting. The secretary of state said he was investigating students who are registered to vote in the state but pay out-of-state tuition.

Wisconsin once made it easy for students to vote, making it one of the leading states in turnout of younger voters in 2004 and 2008. When Republicans swept into power there last year, they undid all of that, imposing requirements that invalidated the use of virtually all college ID cards in voter registration. Colleges are scrambling to change their cards to add signatures and expiration dates, but it’s not clear whether the state will let them.

Imposing these restrictions to win an election will embitter a generation of students in its first encounter with the machinery of democracy."]

As a college student myself I cant help but laugh at the stupidity that is our government. Block students from voting, what is next.

From New York Times- Link

Friday, December 9, 2011

House of tomorrow?

The future everyday makes a strive to become a reality and Corning Inc's video of what they envision for the future really speaks for itself. By making everything inside a household made of glass and function digitally, Corning envisions a super-sleek household that will house the future generation of humans.The video really speaks for itself as to what could be the future of the common household in a few years from now. Some questions asked by experts on this field are; will the regular rates applied to the common household remain the same. Since for many these things are modeled on current structuring in a household, would making giant technological advances change the norm? Do these things simply improve upon itself or are completely rebuilt from the ground up. Just as auto insurance could change with the future cars on the road, home insurance can head towards non massive c rates, and only thing that can happen is to let the future get changes in a system or it can change to a completely new set up. Will insurance become expensive and even too much for the normal person that can afford such a home, one of the many questions that could be raised. It is still a far fetched thing to guess insurance field and well see for ourselves.