Friday, December 9, 2011

House of tomorrow?

The future everyday makes a strive to become a reality and Corning Inc's video of what they envision for the future really speaks for itself. By making everything inside a household made of glass and function digitally, Corning envisions a super-sleek household that will house the future generation of humans.The video really speaks for itself as to what could be the future of the common household in a few years from now. Some questions asked by experts on this field are; will the regular rates applied to the common household remain the same. Since for many these things are modeled on current structuring in a household, would making giant technological advances change the norm? Do these things simply improve upon itself or are completely rebuilt from the ground up. Just as auto insurance could change with the future cars on the road, home insurance can head towards non massive c rates, and only thing that can happen is to let the future get changes in a system or it can change to a completely new set up. Will insurance become expensive and even too much for the normal person that can afford such a home, one of the many questions that could be raised. It is still a far fetched thing to guess insurance field and well see for ourselves. 


  1. Interesting point, its posts like these that make your blog one of the best around.

  2. wow great video! interesting house! followed! :P

  3. Wow... amazing what you can find these days