Saturday, January 28, 2012

Starting New College Semester

On Friday, I started my college semester and was able to experience two classes out of the five I will be taking this semester. Psychology and Philosophy are those two courses and I must say I am already excited about this semester on the very the first day. My first class on Friday was Psychology and this course is really something extraordinaire in terms of knowledge and things one can learn. I am a Finance major so most of my classes make up in terms of straight to the point number applications and other uses of math. This class seems like a fresh breathe and as if it will lead me to a region I have yet to see and get knowledge from but I am excited about the various ways the human mind works and its amazing capabilities. Philosophy was my next class after psychology and once again I was blown away on the first day by the professor. This sort of class is the one where deep thinking and provocative answers and reposes are welcomed. I must say I am looking forward to this semester in college and getting my education in a region different from my intended major of finance and one thing I can say already is that anyone in college should definitely take at least an intro course in these to subjects and be ready to get your mind blown away.

Monday, January 23, 2012

MIT's Nano-Bandage- Stop bleeding instantly

The risks of bleeding is tremendous and when it is left uncontrolled and untreated, death is the only viable outcome of such a thing. When it is on the battlefield the risk increases tenfold due to the sheer intensity of the environment and the limited time to act fast and treat wounds. But thanks to MIT and its break through in nanoscale technologies, the chance of dealing with bleeding can be brought under control almost instantly and even stop bleeding altogether. As the pros at MIT put it, ["That agent, called thrombin, is coated onto sponges that can be easily packed by soldiers and field medics (or civilian medical personnel for that matter) and shaped to fit just about any kind of wound. Those pre-coated sponges are a pretty big improvement over tourniquets and gauze, which are limited in their ability to stop every kind of bleeding. Tourniquets obviously can’t be used on many parts of the body (the neck is a good example), and other glues and chemically treated bandages designed for dressing battlefield wounds come with their own complications and shortcomings."] - MIT,popsci Labs
This is a molecule view of Thrombin 

This technology can be used to great lengths and save a soldiers life instantly in the warzone, a place where time and skill can be the difference between life and death. Back home the usage once again is tremendous in all forms, hopefully insurance companies wont be picky about it and just do their job. It wont cost that much since it will also be a bio-designed kind of sponge that MIT is currently working on.Insurance companies better get with the times on this and even with the future technologies on nano-tech.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Future Credit Cards

There has been an upwards trend on gadgets and peripherals implementing credit cards that are making transactions as easy as a swipe and click anywhere. Well credit cards are about to get even more fancy due to some awesome futuristic tech, call it the credit card 2.0.

Major banks such as Chase, Capital One, Wells Fargo and Citi Bank in the near future could offer these type of credit card to its customers. This concept card allows users to simultaneously link all their accounts in one card, hide their account number digitally, and deactivate the magnetic strip until it needs to be used again.  Talk about secure and insurance all under one plastic card. Whats great is this card works just like any other credit card. Works will  all magnetic readers, so its not necessary to go and replace current credit supporting applications. Would have same 0 apr card credit fee as any other card depending on bank, and rules and eligibility requirements.
The card makes use of a pin to show the credit card number, much like a smartphone lock screen requiring a code to get inside the smartphone, etc. Several banks are in talks with the company Dynamics, maker of this awesome tech, to make use of such cards. Your future Chase, Bank of America, Citi Bank, and Capital One credit card could very well be one of these awesome 2.0 Cards. I personally would like having one of these. What's not to like about a futuristic looking card offering security ,insurance, and easy of personal convenience all in one card.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

IBM Watson

IBM news making supercomputer Watson, known famously for beating the best Jeopardy players in the world and taking home the games prize money, has now been tasked  to work for the health insurance industry for the company Wellpoint.  According to the Wall Street Journal the  expectations of the tasks Watson has been given are that of "helping suggest treatment options and diagnoses to doctors". WellPoint and IBM reached the deal Monday allowing  the health insurer to use Watson's toptier technology for a range of applications. As mentioned on the WSJ, "It is part of a far broader push in the health industry to incorporate computerized guidance into care, as doctors and hospitals adopt electronic medical records and other digital tools that can record, track and check their work." Basically this supercomputer will use its computing power to run health applications, such as health insurance records of patients and set appropriate diagnosis with each one at a far better and more accurate range. It will basically be a data center computer will patients info in which many applications can be used simultaneously within each patient. If anyone watched the Jeopardy match up against the best players, Watson proved  to be and lived up to its much anticipated computing power. It has the ability to learn and improve upon itself so one could see it's use in the health industry. WellPoint Insurer has  seen the potential Watson can offer so many suppose a health insurance company using it for medical purposes is a fitting job for such a powerful computer.