Tuesday, November 29, 2011

College Tuiton raised Again

My college has decided to raises its tuition yet again at times when everyone is strapped for cash. You can read below at an exert of what is happening and I can say this will cause continued uproar at my college campus for the next few semesters. Even though 300$ in tuition increase seems minor as opposed to other higher more expensive colleges, You don't consider the fact its NYC and everything ranging from food to clothing is expensive and even public transportation. There was a major protest outside the campus at Baruch College of more than 500 people who where mostly students from other CUNY colleges but where joined by Occupy Wall Street people as well causing major headache everywhere. Let's see how this entire thing plays out in the next couple months. 

Exert from news below:
"Richard Pérez-Peña reported in Tuesday’s Times that tuition at the City University of New York will rise by 31 percent over the next five years after a vote by CUNY trustees on Monday. He wrote:The first of those increases, to $5,130, already took effect this year. The board’s 15-to-1 vote will raise tuition for undergraduates at CUNY’s four-year colleges to $6,330 in 2015-16, with about $500 a year in additional fees. The State University system’s trustees recently approved a set of parallel increases."
This is frustrating to know you will have to shell out more dollars for tuition per semester at difficult times like these.