Saturday, January 28, 2012

Starting New College Semester

On Friday, I started my college semester and was able to experience two classes out of the five I will be taking this semester. Psychology and Philosophy are those two courses and I must say I am already excited about this semester on the very the first day. My first class on Friday was Psychology and this course is really something extraordinaire in terms of knowledge and things one can learn. I am a Finance major so most of my classes make up in terms of straight to the point number applications and other uses of math. This class seems like a fresh breathe and as if it will lead me to a region I have yet to see and get knowledge from but I am excited about the various ways the human mind works and its amazing capabilities. Philosophy was my next class after psychology and once again I was blown away on the first day by the professor. This sort of class is the one where deep thinking and provocative answers and reposes are welcomed. I must say I am looking forward to this semester in college and getting my education in a region different from my intended major of finance and one thing I can say already is that anyone in college should definitely take at least an intro course in these to subjects and be ready to get your mind blown away.


  1. Tell me how Psychology goes, I'm torn between taking psychology or sociology as an elective next year

  2. nice man, can't wait to do the same. btw, Psych is easy, ace that shit.