Friday, February 3, 2012

DARPA and Their Fancy Contact Lenses

When you think of contact lenses you can just expect something someone puts in their eyes for either a fashion statement or for better eye sight. Well DARPA has taken the time and money to invest into something really crazy but extremely incredible as well. Simply put, Augmented-Reality Contact lenses are the thing DARPA has taken into account. As mentioned from POPSCI and DARPA, "The augmented reality future we were long ago promised has been slow to come around, perhaps restrained most by the basic biology of our own eyes, which are unable to properly see detailed images placed very near the pupils. But via technology developed in part with a certain government agency, Washington-based Innovega has created a unique contact lens technology that allows the eye to focus on images projected very close to the eyes as well as objects in the real world beyond." POPSCI 2012- Lenses.

This technology is somethings straight out of the future almost reaches the heights of saying it as human engineering. DARPA is looking to use this incredible peripheral and implement it into the military for various uses. I see the tremendous ability something like this could bring to the military but also even in everyday life of people. Medical uses are also a possibility and who knows, with the right university or college researching this further, this can help various eye sight issues.


  1. this is incredible, technology is ever increasing

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  3. this is superb man, technology is awesome :)