Sunday, February 26, 2012

University exams and workload

Well it seems now everything is beginning to get serious around my classes and courses in general. My first psychology exam went pretty good, got decent grade but that's something I will work on to improve even more. In the next coming weeks I will have exams in 4 classes ranging from economics to computer systems and I can say economics is my major worry. Its that hard its just Im not a fan of economics at all. Last semester in my college took Micro-econ and it was kinda boring and didn't really garnish my full interest to do good. Sounds like I was just lazy in general but I really didn't like that class. Looking at this semester I have to take this Macro-econ class a bit more serious and just get it over with. On a side note I recently found out my college was ranked in the top 15 for most stressed out and unhappy students in the nation. It was pretty funny considering we ranked  as more unhaDesignppy than most military academy's. I blame it on the requirement courses to follow your major, I mean seriously why would we require anthropology or black studies if we are gonna major in Finance or mathematics. Combine that with a busy New York City life and the fact we always have to be on the move, surely doesn't help our cause.


  1. I could never live in New York. More power to you.

  2. Man, that sounds rough. Also, when did you start? It seems like a weird time to be taking exams.

  3. Sharing your experiences and even rants about college life is a good way of expressing yourself.

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