Thursday, February 16, 2012

College Life

College keeps on passing by day by day and its getting closer to that time when I have to make my decision on my major. My lectures and classes are all made up of prerequisites at the time completely unrelated to my "intended major" which is that of finance. It just sucks that I have to take close to 20 classes that barely have anything to do with that career path. For one it offers grand knowledge on a wide variety of topics but then again the stress and workload piles up on you and your not even taking your career path classes. Hopefully everything works out and the payout at the end is worth it from then on.


  1. I hate having work that just seems totally irrelevant

  2. Don't worry man, after the prereqs you'll being seeing the same (diminishing) set of people for the rest of your time at college.

    Look at it as an opportunity to interact in the classroom with people that you won't have a chance to interact with later on (those with different majors that will be splitting off after the first year or so).