Saturday, January 29, 2011

PC Games

Dead Space 2

I have just began playing Dead Space 2 and by far i am pleased with the gameplay. Below is pretty much what the game is about in a few words, both  good and the bad.
The Good:

  • Campaign starts strong and ends strong
  • Obliterating necromorphs is as fun as ever  
  • Some great new necromorph types  
  • Amazing atmospheric visuals and sound design  
  • Exhilarating and pretty engaging multiplayer. 

The Bad:

  • No major difference in gameplay from the first one
  • Single-player falls into predictable rhythm for a while (will feel repetitive)  
  • Some objectives/tasks can get boring


 StartCraft 2 Wings of Liberty

I finished this game a couple of days ago and hands down one of the best games i have ever graced upon. I was never into the first Starcraft. I heard real good things about the first one but i simply overlooked it. I received Startcraft 2 as a gift and tried it out and damn it, I just became hooked on it. Pretty much everything about this game is perfect. It seems every review has given it near flawless records and they are absolutely correct. This game is freaking awesome. To sum up the good and bad things straight to the point just read below.

 The Good:

  • The campaign gives you a wide range of varieties to choose from
  • The voices or (voice acting) is great and the "cinematics" are just awesome  
  • The ability to choose on your own in the campaign gives it a lot of replay value
  • The online is flawless all 3 factions are distinct but equally balanced       
The Bad:

  • Only thing personally that sucked for me was the choice of 1 campaign. 
  • Battlenet can give you a few problems from time to time and can be annoying  at times.
If your still doubting whether to get this game or not just go for it. You'll get your moneys worth here and have tons of fun. Remember you don't need to be a fan or have played the first Starcraft, I sure as hell wasn't but enjoyed it completely.


  1. Definitely buying Dead Space 2

  2. Dead space seems sick.
    I dont really play pc games anymore though.
    I will follow daily for more updates.
    I appreciate your support as well.

  3. Nice reviews, good to see some more PC lovers :)

  4. I love the TV commercials for deadspace 2 hahahah a game your mom wont like!

  5. They improved the port so much from the first Dead Space. The controls were a pain.

    Starcraft II definitely my GOTY for 2010. Still playing it on a daily basis. Although I'm not that good :P

  6. Can I skip the first Dead Space and not miss much or is it a must play?

  7. LOVE that game with all my heart!

  8. SC2 is an amazing game. Multiplayer ladder matches can become pretty frustrating at times when a simple mistake will cost you the match.

  9. Didn't watch all the videos, but those I watched were nice man, keep up the good work!

  10. this jkust reminds me of how behind the times i am with new gmes

  11. I really hate how they split starcraft 2 into 3 games and NO the campaign was NOT long enough to justify this >:|
    basically only buy SC2 if you are going to do a lot of multiplayer
    good game but what you gonna do
    activision is as a activision does

  12. I heard that in Dead Space 2 there are not as mcuh shock moments than in the first part of the series. Is that right? Would be sad, this is what it makes it so awesome.

  13. I haven't played SC2, but SC1 is an amazing game!

  14. This game sounds pretty fun. You write an excellent review!